Video Marketing and Microfilms: The Art and Business of the Creative Brief

This September the University of Nottingham will be hosting a 3-part workshop delving into understanding how to develop a creative brief and learning how to take full advantage of investments in video marketing.  This is an exciting opportunity for businesses to learn the next steps in ensuring their company evolves ably and successfully.  The workshops will take place from 15th to 29th September, and will be led by Gianluca Sergi, a leading academic at Nottingham University, one of the driving forces behind the Nottingham Screen Partnership, and advisor/consultant to Emmy and Oscar winning organisations and filmmakers in Hollywood.

Video is a powerful way to communicate a brand story and a great majority of companies these days employ video of some form – to create awareness of their brand and increase their market reach.  Each workshop aims to guide the participants through the relationship between video marketing and the creative brief that precedes it, including the steps in the development process of a creative brief.  Participants will explore what a creative brief is and how to write one, how to develop and write a brief for their own company, and finally how to make a video using the creative brief devised at the beginning of the course.  The workshops will provide participants with an increased understanding of both the potential and the limits of filmmaking and the skills needed to write a professional brief to take on to the next stage.

As the course will be highly interactive and intensive, there is a strict limit of 12 places.  If your business is an SME and based in Nottinghamshire or Derbyshire, then this may be the perfect opportunity to learn the new creative processes that will push your company to the forefront of marketing.  The only other stipulation is to have on hand a device with the capability to record video, which can be anything from a mobile phone to a tablet – owning a video camera is not a requirement.  There will also be the opportunity to network with other professionals in the field, and while in the future any subsequent course may come with a fee, on this occasion the applicants can participate free of charge.

If this sounds like something that you would like to apply for, more information can be found on the University of Nottingham’s webpage:


Article by Miriam Blakemore-Hoy