The Ningbo International Microfilm Festival Screenings

The Test   Best Microfilm   Best Actress

This microfilm focuses on the social issue of education in Hong Kong. ‘Anchor babies’ refers to the children who are born in Hong Kong to parents who are not permanent Hong Kong residents and are usually from mainland China. The director uses many simple images and realistic narratives to tell a story of how a mother of an anchor baby helps her child prepare for the admission test of a HK primary school.

《考试》  最佳影片金锣奖   最佳女演员奖



Drunk Beauty   Best Original Screenplay

An old man who suffers from Alzheimer’s syndrome had kept a bottle of expensive Maotai liquor as a gift for his son. In the present, his son is deeply caught in heavy debt and hopes to use it to repay the debt. Although the father misses his son every day, he can’t recognize him at all. In order to find that bottle of liquor, the son brings his father back to their hometown to look for clues. Leaving the bustling metropolis, this period of calm and peaceful time gives the father and son an opportunity to rebuild their relationship. Finally, the father gives his son the liquor, however, the liquor is now priceless for his son.The warmth flowing in the veins of the film also opens up a window for the viewers to rethink the relationship between the father and son and reflect on what family bond is.

《醉美人生》  最佳剧本奖

身患老年痴呆症的父亲,为儿子保存了一瓶58年的老茅台,不孝儿子深陷债务危机,想把父亲的老茅台骗到手中,可父亲虽心心念念等着儿子回家,却偏偏不认识这个近在眼前的儿子了。 为了拿到父亲存下的老茅台抵债,儿子把父亲带回老家茅台镇去寻找线索。离开了大都市的繁华纷扰,这段在老家的平静酿酒生活,给了父子二人重建情感联系的机会。老茅台最终被父亲当作礼物送给了儿子,然而对于儿子来说,这瓶酒的价值已经不能再用金钱衡量了。流淌在影片中的脉脉温情也给观者打开了一个重新思考父子关系,思考何为亲情,何为孝顺的窗口。


If We Love Again   Best Cinematography

An accidental massacre in a gang trade, a mysterious case of a wife murdering her husband, a freak car accident to do with drug trafficking…Just like the butterfly effect, all three accidents happen in the sleepless village at the same time whilst intertwining all the people’s fate.

《不夜村往事》  最佳摄影奖



Luck MA   Best Director

The name of this micro film’s protagonist is Luck Ma whose parents named him that hoping for him to have a beautiful and happy life. Ironically, Luck Ma’s life isn’t very happy and he faces one unpleasant experience after the other. What will he choose to do during these difficult times in his life?

《吉祥》  最佳导演奖



Grow up with My Daughter

Multiple stories which record a parent’s daily life with their daughter. These stories are common, warm and full of life philosophy.




Dead also Do Painter

A sudden murder at midnight. A severely injured painting genius. What kind of art is worthy enough for him to paint till his last breath?




Escape Plan

A short but tense microfilm. How many clues can be found in this room? How many puzzles can be solved in two minutes? It’s all in Escape Plan.




Taste Journey II

A journey made of 158 different kinds of ingredients, aspiring to fantastic taste.

《寻味之旅 贰 》