Student Competition- Officially Selected Films

Michael Jobling- Partial Silence (4)- Confetti

Michael Jobling- Partial Silence – Confetti Media College


The student competition run as part of NIM closed for submissions at 2pm on 10th July this year. After reviewing each film the following films were officially selected and passed on to the judges to select the overall winner who will be announced at the competition gala dinner during the festival.

Our thanks go out to all entrants and congratulations to those who were successful! We will reveal the overall winner following the big reveal on 19th October. Good luck all!

Animation entries:

  • Maddy Pendergast
    • ‘I Want You Girl’
    • Confetti Institute
    • 1min 2sec
  • Adam Nixon and Liam Bagshaw
    • ‘The Urban Worm’
    • Confetti Institute
    • 1min



  • Emma Hubbard
    • ‘An Infertility Diagnosis’
    • Nottingham Trent University
    • 8min 31sec
  • Laura Clarke
    • ‘The Children Who Never Grow Up’
    • Nottingham Trent University
    • 10min
  • Oliver Loe
    • ‘The Men In the Middle’
    • Nottingham Trent University
    • 10mins
  • Tania Brown
    • ‘Vegucated’
    • ‘Nottingham Trent University’
    • 9min 44sec



  • Damien Ebanks
    • ‘Fluffy’
    • Confetti Institute
    • 9min 58sec
  • James George Oshoba
    • ‘No Way To Go’
    • NCN
    • 10min
  • Michael Jobling
    • ‘Partial Silence’
    • Confetti Institute
    • 9min 56sec
  • Richard Minkley
    • ‘Your Secrets Are Sins’
    • Confetti Institute
    • 9min 51sec
  • Ryan Harvey
    • ‘Tuesday Afternoon’
    • Confetti Institute
    • 9min 59sec


Extreme Short:

  • Jake Eden (Category Winner)
    • ‘The Fair With Goose’
    • Confetti Institute
    • 1min


Officially Selected Films

Chinese Promo Films:

  • Zijie Zhou
    • I’m Not CT
    • University of Nottingham, Ningbo Campus
    • 2mins
  • Runeng Lyu
    • The 21st Century’s Ningbo- As Good As Water
    • University of Nottingham, Ningbo Campus
    • 4mins