Nottingham International Film Festival

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Thursday 8 March 2018

 9:00  Lego Legends Opens


Registration Opens

Nottingham Contemporary


Official Opening Ceremony : Welcome from NIM Director/Council (TBC)

Nottingham Contemporary

Nottingham City Council


The Nottingham International Microfilm Festival Opening Event         

Nottingham Contemporary

Gianluca Sergi, The Nottingham Screen Partnership: The Importance of Innovation in Finding Success

Gianluca worked in a variety of media outlets (especially radio where he co-produced and presented a live show for two years, and he also worked in a local TV stations and print magazines. After being awarded two scholarships, Gianluca moved to the UK to study Film and Literature at University (Warwick) and during that time, worked part-time on several productions, including a professional show for children that aired on Channel 4. Following an MA in Mass Communication (Leicester) he wrote a PhD in film (on film sound, and Dolby in particular) under the supervision of Prof. Richard Maltby and Prof. Steve Neale (Sheffield Hallam). The research carried out as part of his thesis allowed him to build a network of contacts with leading industry professionals and executives in some of Hollywood’s leading companies, including Lucasfilm, Pixar, Fox, Dolby amongst others. This in turn developed a keen interest in filmmakers and filmmaking practices. Gianluca was the founder and first director of the Institute for Screen Industries Research at the University of Nottingham (Sept. 2011-Sept. 2017) and the founder and first chair of the Nottingham Screen Partnership (2014-2015).

Gianluca Sergi – The University of Nottingham


Virtual Production in Film & TV, Motion Caption Innovations              

Nottingham Contemporary

TBC, introduced by…


The Secrets Behind a Great Script

Nottingham Contemporary

Kira-Anne Pelican, Independent Script Writer

Kira-Anne is an independent script consultant, a visiting Professor at the Jilin Animation Institute, China and a visiting tutor at Falmouth University and the Met Film School.

She is also the Assistant Editor of the Journal of Screenwriting. Drawing on over twenty years of experience working in the British and American film and TV industries, Kira-Anne applies evolutionary psychology and neuroscience to the understanding of screen characters, in order to increase audience engagement. She has worked for directors including Stanley Kubrick and the Coen brothers, and clients including ESC Entertainment (Warner Bros.), the BBC and ITV.Kira-Anne hold a BA in Psychology from Nottingham University, a postgraduate diploma in Filmmaking from the London Film School, a diploma in Advanced Screenwriting from the University of California, Los Angeles, and has just completed her doctorate at Bangor University. Kira-Anne is the director of London-based script consultancy

Kira Ann Pelicanm – Independent Screen Writer


AI Developments & Film Futures in China

Nottingham Contemporary

Dr Yang Ming, Xinhua Net Future Media, China, introduced by Min Rose, University of Nottingham

“Microfilm is a containment of art and technology; a pursuit of expression.”- Dr Yang Ming, President of Xinhua Net Future Media Convergence Institute. Microfilm is a sector within the Chinese film industry that has been rapidly developing since 2010. It can be defined as: ‘A short film production which offers quick production, quick consumption meaning low risk, high output promotional opportunities for both business and filmmakers as well as a great opportunity for personal communication and development.’


Dr Yang Ming – Xinhua Net Media Convergence, China



The Short Film Show Screenings

Nottingham Contemporary

Join us at the Nottingham Contemporary for an informal and relaxed evening where we will be showcasing three hours worth of short films back to back from around the globe. Stay a little or stay for the duration and enjoy the Nottingham International Microfilm Festival selections in all of their glory. Some of the films being shown will make it through to the Awards Selection on the Friday afternoon and some will feature in the Short Film Show Live, on the Saturday so this is an excellent opportunity to get an advance look at some of the front runners.



Friday 9 March 2018

 9:00  Lego Legends Opens


Yes to Breakfast: The Yes Foundation Socially Aware Short Films         

Nottingham Contemporary

The YES FOUNDATION is the social development arm of YES BANK, India’s fifth largest private sector bank. Under the visionary guidance of its Chief Mentor & Co-Chairman, Mr. Rana Kapoor, MD & CEO, YES BANK, the Foundation follows a differentiated approach focusing on stimulating entrepreneurship and innovative use of media initiatives, to bridge gaps and act as a force multiplier towards an empowered and equitable India.  Launched in 2013, the YES! I am the CHANGE (YIAC) initiative, has seen a transformation to drive the positive spirit of change through short films. As part of the YIAC 101-Hour Social Filmmaking Challenge, filmmakers and amateurs made 3-minute films on social causes which form an open repository of invaluable communication resources for NGOs. Most importantly, the process of participation and exposure to various social causes triggers inner transformation in the youth and makes them agents of social change. As part of the Nottingham International Microfilm Festival, we are delighted to showcase a selection of our favourite films from the 34,000 that the programme has attracted to date.

Host by Santander, we are pleased to extend the reach of the NIM Festival and invite our partner organisations worldwide.





Launch of Nottingham Immersive Technology Incubator                      

Nottingham Contemporary

Faith Blakemore, Nottingham City Council

Faith Blakemore – International Manager




International Investment, Local Creative Development                          

Nottingham Contemporary

Peter Lorenz, Department of Trade & Industry

Peter Lorenz – Investment Manager


Career Clinics, Working in Immersive Technologies & Film                   

Mercure Hotel, Nottingham

Nottingham Jobs



The Immersive Technology Panel                                                              

Nottingham Contemporary

The Importance of VR to the Creative Industries – Including Audience Q & A
Jeremy Dalton VRARA, Catherine Allen VR Producer, Aurelian Simon
Hosted by Carrie Wootten Immerse UK



The NIM Film Screenings & Awards Ceremony




The VR Expo Awards & After Party                                                           

Nottingham Arts Theatre

Mercure Nottingham


Saturday 10 March 2018

10.00-11.00   The NIM Festival Breakfast           



The NIM Festival Breakfast                                                   

National Video Game Arcade

Zaff Malik, Introduced by Alex, Doherty, Hold That Shot

Zaff Malik – Actor


Music Composition for Film & VR                                                             

National Video Game Arcade            

Markus Kambeck, Introduced by Faith Blakemore, Nottingham City Council

Markus Kambeck – Kambeckfilm


Scriptwriting for the VR Universe                                                              

National Video Game Arcade

Rob Yescombe, Introduced by….

Rob Yescombe – Freelance Scriptwriter


The Short Story Treatment                                                                         

National Video Game Arcade

TBC, Introduced by….           

In Collaboration with the Nottingham Writers Studio, this workshop looks at the treatment to turn a short story into a Microfilm.



The One Minute Film Competition                                                            

Briefing at the National Video Game Arcade

Two Hours, One City, One Festival, One Minute

Delegates at the NIM Festival are invited to enter a new additional to the programme for 2018 and create a one-minute film which captures the spirit of the programme and the City. Entries must be emailed to name@emailaddress no later than 20.00 and the top three entries will not only be used in promotion for next year’s event, but the winners will also receive VIP passes to NIM Festival 2019.

  • 100% of the film must be shot using a mobile device, (e.g. iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Nokia, HTC, GoPro, etc.) to be eligible
  • At least two separate segments of the film must include a three second short of any of Nottingham’s iconic landmarks (The Council House, Market Square, Nottingham Castle etc)
  • There is a one-minute time requirement for this film, excluding any titles and credits which must not exceed 10 seconds collectively
  • No excessive nudity or excessive profanity will be allowed
  • You cannot use copy written material unless you have a written permission to do so
  • You can use any software to edit video and audio, colour correction or special effects
  • You can use external microphone, wide angle lens, lighting, tripod, etc
  • Films received after the deadline will not be considered or reviewed
  • Remember, this is a reflection of you, your work and the Nottingham International Microfilm Festival
  • The winners will be announced Online on Sunday 11 March 2018

 19.30  Festival Closing Party



Welcome to Nottingham

The Nottingham International Microfilm Festival is one of the main highlights of the Nottingham Media Festival so there is a lot to enjoy in the City, taking place at the same time. If you are looking to advance your career in either Microfilm or VR, then Nottingham Jobs are running a series of career clinics, and for Students there are a series of informal events with Creative Heroes from various disciplines as part of the SLICE Programme.

The Fresh Creative Awards will be celebrating the Best of British, in Advertising, Design, Media, Experiential and Live Theatre and the VR Expo & Awards are running an exhibition, plenary panel sessions and a series of Jump Start Workshops for those looking to integrate VR into their business models.

The International Drone Awards are also taking place looking at the use of drones outside of gaming and just for a little fun is a Lego Legends competition inviting enthusiast to display their work in and around the Lace Market, which is home to the Festival.


Welcome to Nottingham.

  • Nottingham City Council
    Nottingham City Council
  • Robin Hood Statue
    Robin Hood Statue
  • Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem
    Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem
  • Old Market Square
    Old Market Square
  • St Peter's Church, Nottingham
    St Peter's Church, Nottingham
  • Rock City
    Rock City
  • Wollaton Hall and Park
    Wollaton Hall and Park
  • Nottingham Castle Museum & Art Gallery
    Nottingham Castle Museum & Art Gallery
  • Nottingham Castle Museum & Art Gallery
    Nottingham Castle Museum & Art Gallery