kambeckfilm GmbH join NSP!


We have recently had the honour of being able to add Markus Kambeck of kambeckfilm GmbH to the Nottingham Screen Partnership as our first international partner and member of the NSP management group. Markus will be our ‘man on the ground’ in Karlsruhe and Germany helping us to connect into wider filmmaking and creative screen industry networks in Europe.

You can watch a little film they have made to celebrate this historic event on our Nottingham International Microfilm Festival YouTube channel or here!

The kambeckfilm GmbH founded in 2006 has grown to be the partner for international film productions in the field of commercial B2B and B2C communication. Whenever there are complex products or services to be explained, we find the story around that and the solution to make them easy to understand.

Based in south of Germany we are close to the industry and gained lots of experience in the very different branches like Automotive, Fashion, IT, Agriculture, Chemical, Engineering, Towns and States and many more.

Our dedicated team, a mixture of young talents and “old hands”, can scale easily by incorporating professionals of our own, long build, production network for each specific task. This way we realize every imaginable type of production. We are always looking forward to new tasks and challenges.

We cover all aspects of commercial film production in house, from Media Consulting, Idea and Concept, planning and booking, Shooting and Editing to distribution and strategy.