The time had finally come. I was bored of the pun… It failed to make sense anymore and in all honesty it just felt forced. I was beginning to question whether it ever made sense, but I had bigger things to worry about.


The festival was fast approaching, Faith was in China and I was trying to balance my time between the Festival and University. The time I spent back and forth on the 34 I may as well have brought a laptop and set up an office on the back seat but finding an outlet alone would have proved too difficult so I narrowly decided against it.


I wasn’t stressing about the situation but I will say that I was extremely busy. I had to collate over 90 films individually, then download them on to an external hard drive and then take them over to NTU to be edited together. It sounds relatively easy but it took me just under 2 weeks to collect all the films as the filmmakers had to send me them via Wetransfer and there were a number of problems that I had to overcome but I won’t go into detail about that now. It was challenging is all I’m going to say. I will take this time to say a massive thank you to Dan Hodgett and James Baker at NTU who edited the films together for the festival and put a massive amount of work in to this thing, alongside teaching and supporting Notts TV.


My other duties included reserving tickets for all of the events. If you checked out the Festival Programme & Events page on the website you’ll have probably noticed that you had to email someone to reserve the free tickets, well that was me. That kept me busy for the rest of the day as I had to keep a spreadsheet of all the tickets sold to report back to the NSP Partners and also for a Guest list on the day of the events.


I feel that the hardest part of these 2 weeks was having no one to confirm my decisions with. I didn’t have someone to comfort my little anxieties but I do believe that this really did help to grow my confidence and my decision making skills. I found that after a few days I was comfortable with the tasks that I was managing and was really enjoying working on the festival.


The festival was right around the corner now and after a month and a half of working up to it I was just excited to finally get started on it. To see it all pay off.