Independent Days Film Festival- Karlsruhe, Germany

During our festival in October we were able to welcome a delegation from our twin city Karlsruhe in Germany which included representation from the Karlsruhe City Council’s Economic Development team, Kambeck Film Production company, the Independent Days Film Festival and Karlsruhe Filmboard. They loved what we are doing here in Nottingham have invited NIM Director Faith Blakemore to join them at their Independent Days Film Festival in March to speak about Microfilms, digital shorts and the paradigm shift that is occurring in content and distribution development at the moment. This is an exciting opportunity to not only meet our German film buddies again but also help broaden the microfilm conversation and further explore what this shift means to the industry.

The Independent Days Festival acts as a platform for independent filmmakers producing art-house and independent movies. It is one of Europe’s most important film festivals for independent filmmaking and we are excited to be able to explore this new conversation with them.