From Hollywood to Hololens…

…An event to explore successful cultures of innovation in business.

This October, Academy Award and BBC consultant Dr. Gianluca Sergi gave the first ever public presentation on Creative Innovation in Business at the MEKA/NIM collaboration event in Karlsruhe, Germany. The talk was first designed for the Academy Award board who brought Dr. Sergi in as an independent consultant last year.  Gianluca Sergi has since been working with the Academy on how to develop their business by embedding innovation into its heart.

Dr Sergi’s prestigious work at the University of Nottingham and in the city of Nottingham itself also includes the conception and launch of the Nottingham Screen Partnership initiative, created to bring together film industry partners and strengthen relationships within the sector.  In Karlsruhe, Dr. Sergi shared his key research at the first international event to come out of one of the NSP’s key projects, the Nottingham International Microfilm Festival (NIM).

In addition to Gianluca Sergi’s talk, Pascal Tonecker, a specialist in post-production and visual effects, also presented “I See What You Do Not See – How Mixed Reality Will Change Our Everyday Life”, using Microsoft HoloLens to talk about mixed reality and whether future technologies are already part of our established everyday life.  MEKA Co-founder Markus Kambeck of kambeckfilm GmbH, who was the event host for the evening, was the first international member of the NSP and has since been successfully working with the NIM festival, developing relationships with the international film community as well as the partnership between the twinned cities of Nottingham and Karlsruhe.

As a business cluster of Karlsruhe’s media and creative industries, MEKA itself is Karlsruhe’s answer to the NSP aiming to strengthen the interests of not only its own members but the entire region and potentially beyond.  It will be exciting to see the evolution of the NIM Festival as it moves to Germany this year and brings together both MEKA and the NSP. 

There are more events coming soon so please keep checking for your opportunity to discover innovation in film making worldwide.