Ever wondered what a 90 second (or less) film looks like? Well here are the very best that were shortlisted for the 2015 Nottingham International Microfilm Festival.


Extreme Short


3 1/4 (Chris Daykin)

“a 5 second film about human interaction”


1-0 (Saman Hosseinpuor)

“The barber started cutting the boys hair while watching a football game on Tv.”


Apology to a Television Set (Lauren Carr)

Apology to a Television Set

Apology to a Television Set

“This collaborative project utilizes three art forms—fine art, animation and poetry, for the purposes of investigating and applying a new technique in 3D software, resulting in a non-traditional 3D animated style. The project features myself as animator and director; MSU student artist Ria Martinez; and world-renowned poet Frank Messina.”




Baggage Claim (Brittney Lybarger)

“”Baggage Claim” is a brief public service announcement premised on an anti-bullying campaign. This short film highlights the profound emotional impact of bullying on an individual, which is a pervasive element of today’s society. The simplistic manifestation of emotional baggage into tangible baggage is utilized to enhance the viewers’ grasps on the gravity of their actions. The positive twist reveals that the power to make a positive change is entrusted in each individual, each bystander.”


BEN (Kuesti Fraun)



“About running, about being behind, about big moments, about daily life..”






Big and Strong (Diego Robles)

“A father teaches his son, a picky eater, why he should eat his breakfast.”


Big Dreams (Ananya Sundararajan)

Big Dreams

Big Dreams

“Cait is up to her usual schemes. It’s not too much to dream of working in an office “with a view of the building that has a view of the Empire State” is it?

She pitches her latest get-promoted-before-you-can-say-yes-please idea but her colleague and unwilling partner-in-shenanigans Louise points out one “big” flaw in her plan…”




Broken Time Machine (Stephan Robinson)

Broken Time Machine

Broken Time Machine

“An inventor attempts to fix his time machine. A 22 second film!”







Counsellor (Venetia Taylor)

“This woman needs help. A very short comedy about regret. ”



Forever (Bruno Benetti)



“Love is eternal and forever”






Got a Sinking Feeling They Don’t Care SOS Europe (Philippa Ellerton)

“The world’s most dangerous sea crossing is getting even deadlier. Our governments are spending money patrolling borders when they could be saving refugees and migrants’ lives.

GVs David Cameron MP (Prime Minister) in rowing boat on lake with Angela Merkel (German Chancellor), Fredrik Reinfeldt (Swedish PM) and Mark Rutte (Dutch PM) – all wearing life jackets and chatting.”


Granddad I Never Knew 2014 (Steven Corton)

“The Granddad I Never Knew 2014 is a film poem about my Granddad I Never knew. That worked down the Coal Miners and died when I was 13 days old. Having just been just born in 1975 and my Granddad died 13 days after. Having no treasured memories or history with my missing Granddad throughout the years.”


Graveyard (Athol Forsyth)

“A man goes to his ex girfriends funeral, meets the parents for the first time.”


Gruber (Tom Rourke)

“A mock advert for a revolutionary new app.”


Helen (Thomas Baker)



“Having traversed through the desolate landscape of the war-torn planet of Rekab-Snikta Minor, a young refugee called Helen is left famished and exhausted. Will she be able to find food and shelter?”





 HomeMade Custom Build by Igloo (Jon Sawyer)

 “Custom Build is coming to Trent Basin in Nottingham. Watch Blueprint’s animation to find out how you can Custom Build your HomeMadeTM dream home”


I … You (a very short film) (Matt Harris-Freeth)

I ... You

I … You


“A very short film about turning points in a relationship.”






I YOU WE (Ali Erfan Farhadi)

“Some children are in the kindergarten. While they are discussing together, one of them disagree with them.”



If It’s Big (Kelly Phelan)

If It's Big

If It’s Big

“A man’s life is chronicled through snapshots of his most important moments.”







In The Shadows (Maxence Rapp)

“A woman walks alone at night. But is she really alone?”



Kiss and Fly (Rob Daglish)

Kiss and Fly is a short 90 second film about anxiety and fear of loneliness, made as part of the International Filmmaking Academy.”



L’AMOUR (Camille van Wessem)



“And elderly woman interrupts a vandal painting graffiti. A short film that challenges society’s preconceptions and ideas of right and wrong.”








More Than You Think (Jacopo Landi & Vanessa Michielon)



Myanmar and Japan: Filmed on an iPhone5s. (Sebastian Marsden)

“I challenged my self to film my travels on an iPhone5s, this was my result.”


Out of Control (Anthony Cajan)

Out of Control

Out of Control

“In an automated world, the man lives among machines.”




Panting (Shin Gyu Kang)

“Dog is running somewhere.”


Phil & Lui: The Blue Effect (Bruno Fritzsche)

“A fashion video about the munich based design team Phil&Lui. They are working with sustainability, natal resources and a huge amount of responsibility. The video shows a special lifestyle for the target group and an emotional feeling of outdoor adventures.”

Playmate (Matthew McPhee)

“A surrealistic tale of terror told through an eight-year-old boy’s nightmare.”


Recall (Arnold Perez)



“A young woman, Julie, leaves a last fateful voicemail message for her boyfriend Sid.”



Robocup (Ludmila Naves)

“It’s Nadia’s birthday and she does not know how to deal with all the leavings from the party.”


Short Lives In a Large Room (One Minute Version) (Karlos Alastruey)

Short Lives in a Large Room

Short Lives in a Large Room

“A teenage girl talks us about human contradictions”




Showertime Sadness (Julija Proskurina)

“A witty solution of an unpleasant situation.”





Soft Calm (Jorge Mario Zuleta)

Soft Calm

Soft Calm

“A journey on surreal landscapes.”







Squarehead (Alexandra Yakovleva)

“Short reflection movie on long distance communications, based on creator’s experience”



Status Change (Rajesh Naroth)

Status Change

Status Change

“A woman’s private life spills into social media, under violent circumstances.”










Surprise! – 90 Second Film (Lewis Leyden)

“Charlie wakes up in the morning to find his girlfriend has left him a trail of Post-It notes leading him to a surprise…”



Take It (Yasser Kassab)

“When I was drinking coffee at the morning , I saw them, they have passed quickly, but I cannot forget their angry faces.”



Take It Easy – Maria (Leonor Pacheco)

Take It Easy - Maria

Take It Easy – Maria

“Maria is awaken during the night by a slightly drunken crowd.”







The Circumcision (Pablo Zapata)

The Circumcision

The Circumcision


“A man standing in front of the mirror thinking about shaving, he thinks about himself, he thinks in Vincent Van Gogh…”





The Cookie (Darya Gaydukova)

“black and white fight”


The Cut (Lea Najjar)

“Another electricity cut in Beirut.”


The Omniscient (Henrik Dahlbring)

“A young man seeks knowledge of everything. But when the man finds a way to take part in the information, he will regret that he ever did.”


The Uncanny (Josep Bergadà)

The Uncanny

The Uncanny

“Alice is taken to the limit by her subconscious.”








The Veteran (Enrique Diaz)

“A U. S. Marine deals with post tramatic stress disorder and makes a life altering choice.”


THE WAR (Mentor Spahiu)

“After the war, a child expresses his revolt while facing the consequences.”


The Witch Awakens (Jeffrey Blake Palmer)

The Witch Awakens

The Witch Awakens

“An ancient witch stirs inside her coffin.”







Urban Nirvana (Gnanendra Shamaiah)

Urban Nirvana

Urban Nirvana

“Urban Nirvana is a short film inspired by timelapse cinematography and concept is suited to stillness and the moving image. Urban Nirvana is a short film inspired by timelapse cinematography and concept is suited to stillness and the moving image short film contest. This is my first attempt on timelapse videography.”




Young Robin Hood- The Series Trailer (Max Ortiz)

“A trailer for our Young Robin Hood You Tube series”


Zombies4Kids (Pedro Santasmarinas)



“Zombies 4 Kids: “A Survival Guide for Children facing the Undead” is an animated musical short film that teaches children how to identify a zombie.”






All of these films will be screened at Rough Trade on Sunday 18th October at 7:00pm.

Tickets are FREE but must be booked in advance.

For tickets please contact: alex.trimble@nottinghamcity.gov.uk