With just under 2000 submissions into the 2015 Nottingham International MicroFilm Festival the judges obviously had their work cut out for them but the time has finally come to announce the successful applicants!

There is definitely a lot of talent out there and we recieved submissions from 95 different countries; ranging from right here in Nottingham to Macedonia and beyond! It is a pleasure to be able to showcase some absolutely breathtaking films from some gifted filmmakers.

Below are the officially selected films for the Drama category in the 2015 Nottingham International Microfilm Festival:


Fake Empire (Ewa Gerström)

Fake Empire

Fake Empire

“A man walks into a bar to order a vodka. But who is the bartender?”



Fence Formula (Kimm Kimm)

“Three summer residents solve the eternal question – fence formula.”


Hug (Teymour Ghaderi)

“A soldier need furlough for saying good bye to his brother in airport. his strang job is that he has to embraced a hanged prisoner who is executed. After he do that he wont be pleased to go.”


Horse Face (Marc Martínez Jordán)



“A 20€ budget Comedy-Horror-Science fiction-thriller-Animal-Drama shortfilm starred by my grandmother and me.”





The Cigarette After: First Time (George Gänæaard)

“Alina is visiting Eduard. While he’s in the bathroom to clean his pants, she comes to the balcony. Lights a cig. When Eduard joins her, the kids drink Coke and Alina asks a few questions.”


Electric Chair (David Muñoz Velasco)

“A man is executed on the electric chair, nevertheless, the reason behind his execution is more terrifying than his death.”


The End (Raj Pathak)

The End

The End

“A mother and daughter take shelter in an abandoned farmhouse, hiding from the zombies chasing them. Once the daughter drifts off to sleep, we discover the mother has been bitten and the other zombies are closing in…”




mission:KALIFERY (Michal Holečko & Michal Smolen)

“SWAT commando just got new mission. They simply need to rescue hostage. But what happens when they confuse their coordinates?”


Daddy Choo Choo (John Evans)

“What happens when your imaginary friend isn’t imaginary and stops being your friend?”


The Little Prince, The Angel and The Panda (Loic Paillard)

The Little Prince, The Angel & The Panda

The Little Prince, The Angel & The Panda

“Away from the red carpet, an actor has trouble meeting his favorite movie director. He will have to learn how to see “sheeps in boxes” to realize what does really matter.”




A Fish Called Keith (Steven Dorrington)

“A young girl’s goldfish keeps on mysteriously dying and her parents do everything they can to save her from heartbreak but there is a twist in this fish’s tale.”


Freeze Frame (Robert Dawes)

“Dan and Oman once again find themselves waiting for their perpetually late friend to show. They pass the time discussing who can hold the best freeze frame”


Funny Words (Ananya Sundararajan)

“Chad’s having one of those magical days full of deep conversations and profound realizations.

Oh no, wait, he’s just really really high.”


Photo 1 _MG_7633


Thinker (Alexandra Hargreaves )

“In a world where it’s discovered that if you think about someone, they can’t die, “Thinkers” are bred to take on this task. Only the rich can afford such a thing. With this new knowledge what lengths will the poor go to, in order to keep their loved ones alive?”




0300 Hours (Hamlet Sarkissian)

Not giving up on love makes a young couple overcome their traumatic real life nightmare.


Mugged (Albion Gray)

“A thief tries to mug someone. It doesn’t go well.”


All of these films will be screened at Savoy Cinema on Friday 16th October at 6:00pm with a pre Q&A session.

Tickets Available here