The Festival by Numbers

The Festival & Film Industry by Numbers



It’s only in the last few days that we have noticed just how much numbers are such a big factor at the Nottingham International Microfilm Festival. Whether it’s the number of submissions we’ve received, which totalled well over 350 this year, the amount of countries that participated in the call for submissions or the number of categories.

With the shortlist now out, we have 19 different countries represented within the Festival with the UK leading the way with 29 different nominations. India comes in second with six whilst the USA has five nominations, and Hong Kong four. Spain, Sweden and Germany each boast a total of three nominations, whilst Canada, France and Italy each have two. Our other selections include films from Australia, Poland, Serbia, the Ukraine, Russia, Turkey, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Denmark.

With all short films there is also the length of the film to consider including what constitutes a short film, which in our official view is anything under 45 minutes, we then look at the number of days of the festival, the number of venues, the number of speakers, the number of workshops and events and you soon have a whole host of numbers to consider.

The international film industry shows healthy projections for the coming years, as worldwide box office sales look to increase from $38b in 2016 to almost $50b by 2020. The USA is the third largest film maker behind China and India, both countries having a strong presence at the NIM Festival with exclusive screenings for Ningbo and a session dedicated to We are the Change for India.

Now we just need to report delegates numbers and tickets are selling well for the NIM Festival which is truly international in 2018 – and the big question is, will you be a number this year? We do hope so and look forward to welcoming you to Nottingham.